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Laser liposuction surgery in Virginia Beach is a new method that has become popular in recent years. The reason is because of its safety. Laser liposuction uses a laser to liquefy the fat without harming it in any way. It is designed to remove unwanted fat without causing any damage. Many people who have had traditional liposuction can attest to the fact that traditional liposuction can sometimes leave behind unwanted side effects that are not worth the effort.

Some people are intimated by the word "liposuction". It makes them think of a plastic surgeon's tools used in plastic surgery. But liposuction is actually quite different from cosmetic surgery. It is not invasive, nor does it employ any type of surgery. Instead, it utilizes laser technology to remove fat cells from your body. Laser liposuction can be used to remove fat from the thighs, stomach, buttocks and facial regions.

How much fat can be removed with liposuction? It all depends on the type of line equipment being used and the kind of fat being removed. A standard lipo procedure may be able to remove between six and ten pounds of fat. Your weight and age will determine how much fat can be safely removed. This is a very good thing because older individuals can't use lipo machines properly. Liposuction can also be used on people who are extremely overweight.

Who should consider a list procedure? This usually depends on which part of the body is being treated. If you are trying to eliminate fat from the abdomen, buttocks or face, than most surgeons would say that this is a good candidate for a lipo procedure. The results of the procedure are also excellent. Often a patient will be left with smoother skin, tighter stomach and a smooth finish after a liposuction procedure.

If you want a liposuction to work on your face, neck, chin, hands, thighs or hips than most surgeons say it's a good candidate. Sometimes liposuction can include lymphatic drainage or draining to get rid of any pockets of fat that wasn't removed during the initial procedure. Sometimes this lymphatic drainage is done behind the nose. A successful procedure will leave you with a contoured body that is not only symmetrical but attractive as well.

If you want to learn more about liposuction and whether or not it's right for you, contact your local cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. Many times your surgeon will perform a free consultation at the office before performing the actual procedure. During the free consultation, he/she will evaluate your goals and potential risks associated with liposuction. In many cases, life will be performed before any surgical procedures.

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